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The city is dead, long live the city by dailylabel
13/01/2009, 21:12
Filed under: art, my dear city, statement

After some years of work on the urban motive, and by extension, the city, i feel like a blow of boredom covered the topic and the trend move towards new fields, fresher and more colourful. Myself i lost some confidence about the relevance of trying to keep up with this thing called city as i moved to berlin and found it hard to make any statement that wouldn’t fit into some cheap sociology. Morevover, especially for berlin, a huge work has been done on the renewal of planning and demographic observation (the website of the hauptstadt is quite well done).

Yet i can’t slip easily away from my original topos, and while i am travelling from a europe square to the next using our extensive traffic network, i read this book by Yves Pedrazzini (french only, perhaps i could make a review or resumé of it), violence of cities. There is nothing absolutely new, but it opened to me the possibility of displacing myself and my point of view on a city’s organisation, and it had a very productive reading of benjamin’s critique of violence.

Again, nothing new with this text, as it was the root where agamben found the bare life concept that founded the last documenta. But for me there is possibly another history possible, crossing over existing paths, making the experience and the knowledge more dense. The next step will be the reading of derridas Force of law, and continuing to investigate the parallels of building city, or places to live, work and struggle, and language. Which will, of course, plunge me back in the trend…


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