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21/02/2010, 13:06
Filed under: my dear city, resources, review

As the world moves on, whirling in absurdity, theory offers an approach providing a way out of direct confrontation by analysing and contextualizing topics immanent in day to day life, yet for some more abstract than for others. Nevertheless, sometimes one finds oneself more engaged on an emotional level. The desire increases to grasp in order to satisfy mind and soul and body equally. Artistic strategies – condensing perception, abstraction and immediacy – present opportunities to sit back and receive a message that can possibly change perspectives onto circumstances.

Dialogue and siftings from Portland, Oregon focusing on landscape architecture, sustainable urbanism, vegetated architecture, urban agriculture, living walls, green roofs, ecological planning and landscape urbanism theory.

l’organisation d.u.M.s a décidé de mener plus loin ses réflexions sur l’aménagement du temps sans pour autant entrer dans une étude théorique complexe.

F.A.D. is the work of Brett Milligan in open collaboration with other entities.  F.A.D. explores landscape and urbanism through a range of writings, experiences and research methods. F.A.D. is interested in the productive mixing of diverse streams of urbanism: regional in contrast to international, abstract and speculative in comparison to lived experience. Free Association Design is currently based in Portland Oregon.

raumlaborberlin began working on the issues of contemporary architecture and urbanism in 1999. in various interdisciplinary working teams we investigate strategies for urban renewal. raumlabor does urban design, architectural design, build, interactive environments, research.
raumlaborberlin ist eine gruppe für architektur und städtebau. projektbezogen arbeiten raumlaborberlin mitglieder mit spezialisten anderer professionen zusammen, das raumlaborberlin ist genreübergreifend und arbeitet interdisziplinär. Neben Architekturaufgaben beschäftigen wir uns auch mit Städtebau, Aktion, Landschaftsarchitektur, Gestaltung des öffentlichen Raumes und künstlerischen Installationen. Die Hauptthemenfelder sind entsprechend: öffentlicher raum, städte in transformation, die grenzen von öffentlich und privat.

PROGRAM is a nonprofit project aimed at testing the disciplinary boundaries of architecture through collaborations with other fields. Initiated in 2006 by Carson Chan and Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga, PROGRAM provides a discursive platform for artists, architects, critics and curators to explore ideas through exhibitions, performances, workshops, lectures, and residencies. PROGRAM intends to enrich and broaden our definitions of architecture, and to challenge traditional, domesticated modes of architectural practice and representation. Developing each project independent of an overarching agenda, PROGRAM is striving to diversify the ways we understand and make architecture. Central to our project is to engage the discourse with emerging creative processes that activate the space between pure theoretical research, professional praxis and architecture’s social role.
Occupying the ground level of former Russian Hotel Newa PROGRAM’s location in Berlin includes an exhibition space, offices, a reading room, studio spaces, and a residency.


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