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Notes on Stephen Graham, Cities Under Siege by dailylabel
26/02/2010, 17:52
Filed under: good wishes, my dear city, review

These are the notes I took from a conference by Stephen Graham at the,  In/Visibility, Access and Urban Zoning Paris, May 30 – 31, 2009, which happened one year ago some streets away from my actual floating residency in Paris, before i’ll settle in the studio by the Cité des Arts in Montmartres.

Questions of mapping and their subjective possibilities interested me earlier (Bustour in Wien, Les Roncières, Europe Squares (Berlin-Calais), and the latest “Matters” series). Graham opens another dimension of mapping, critically working on the effect of the new information technologies and city control.

map by jeremy nemeth on manhattan

map by jeremy nemeth on manhattan

Here the raw notes:

  • military origin of digital techs
  • Ryan Bishop on the connection of global city network & revolution military affairs
  • Brian Holmes names it the “imperial infrastructure”
  • colonialism & surveillance (foucault_boomerang effect of experiance at borders being brought back into the metropolitan. For ex. the panopticon)
  • from the frontiers to the troublesome metropole
  • what is the asymetric relation? -> see S. Sassen’s conference
  • Battlespace: no defined battle front and permanent
  • new acronyms: military operations other than war = MOOTW
  • Alan Felman: moving to a division of safe and unsafe between circulation. new type of sovereignty emerges against “malign” mobility.
  • Richard Florida’s creative industry of US northwest now related by surveillanc tech. ind. as latest manifestation of the industrial-military-entertainment-complex
  • what does it mean for cities: merging of architecture of control with information sys of control. Passage-point urbanity
  • He finishes his talk by saying that despite the depressive content of his report, he notes that there are many self organized groups working on the issue and civil liberties.

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