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Oh no, I forgot to take a picture of that european blue sky by dailylabel
21/04/2010, 12:54
Filed under: itinaries of desire, my dear city, resources

well next time 🙂

in the mean time, there is the new place to feel like a cow watching train passing, or a cyclist on a highway bridge watching the traffic flow. But this time from home: Wach Air Traffic Live.

As I occupy my residency in Paris with my family, I have to leave home and work outside, like in my first year in Vienna! And I rediscover one of the gems of democracy, public city libraries. “Mine” is behind the Mairie du 18ème, Clignancourt. Exploring the arrondissement, I hope to find the garden of ECObox, created by AAA some years ago, which i referenced already – without knowing their extended european network.

Working While Walking, an interesting alternative to the www, and nicely put together by Robert Walser in Der Spaziergang, which I finally read while researching for my show to come in Langenthal, exploring the question of villages in a country totally colonized by urban culture (a term debated here in Paris, but i’m not sure sociology is the best approach to this). What’s up with all those small cities that basically gather more people than the big but few megalopoles around the globe (introduction of la violence des villes, Yves Pedrazzini), where fashion finds its most generic translation.


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