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i have a dream by dailylabel
09/06/2010, 16:25
Filed under: art, good wishes, joyful heterogenous culture, kitchen

i’m with friends on a stage, right before the beggining. It’s thrilling, we are still deciding on what to eat as we have a birthday to celebrate. We decide to eat mussels, moussaka and papardelle with salmon. Then we got in the sides. We decide to be a different band for each song. One of us got on stage, to introduce us, and apologises for the mess on stage – it’s because we can’t stop working. Our last band is called the auteurs.

It was a dream. and I remember now how powerful a dream is, and what it means to have a dream. To be something, to do something. It’s a genuine sensation. It’s impossible to stop and flows through my whole body.

I called my friends from the magazine we are doing, a zeitschrift based in Vienna. We’ll do it, like we change font for each issue, like we do grusicals. it’s gonna be great. be there or be square


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