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22/02/2012, 16:00
Filed under: art, joyful heterogenous culture, review, world news

While working on links between Langenthal’s industry and the world in which it sells its know-how, I couldn’t hold a smile coming up on the website solarindustries:

ground is also reading Reza Negarestani’s writing about earth-sun complex and the subject-as-focus or The-Modern-Man-and his traumas. Deepening, Widening them. Anything local is global. While the industry continues modelizing our world through any way of doing something:

It is all suspended on the waiting a catastrophe

although it has been told since long time

This huge familiarity with clips of all kind is in many ways all attempts of grounding something, of self-extracting, isolating and re-telling as an out-of-synchronized puppet something from a present without time.

The show curated by Thibault De Ruyter for the Club Transmediale on the Theme Spectral, “Ghosts off the Shelf”, gave me a something like a sensation of time, my time. And a part of it was nested in a technology. VHS. Unlike Gondry’s reassuring movie ‘Be kind, Rewind, the show touched with great caution an area of experimentation, how a technology and story-telling essays combine endlessly to join and make the local, I mean earthly, “Dark Matter” more and more consistent. A storm which reminded me the “Hans Schaudi Electromagnetic Experience” from 2002.


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