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Fahr hin, fahr hin, mein Meidlein fein by dailylabel
21/06/2016, 13:40
Filed under: art, good wishes, itinaries of desire, review

Carson Chan’s comment of the venice architecture biennial dwells lengthily on the albanian pavilion. Seatings, songs and texts in specific language to remind of the long and never finished path migrants engage in. The pictures on design boom look great – and immediately remind me of the work done with Gilles Aubry in the Kunsthaus Langenthal in 2010, Das Dorf ist Teil der Stadt – The Village is Part of the City.


view of the albanian pavilion at venice biennale


view of the installation in the Kunsthaus Langenthal

It’s not about who did it first but rather to see parallel lines. We were invited to work on the notion of village. Rather than collection datas of the rural exodus and the desire of nature of city dwellers, we went through swiss folk song archive, looking for the motive. Leaving & coming back, the prospect of the new and the sadness of the left formed the main thematics. We edited a booklet of these songs, accompanied by pictures of cloudy skies and bits of roofs, and picked one to work out with a local choir. We recomposed it in order to make the text appear more clearer and estrange it also from its folkloric context. The viewer could dwell in the space as a singer or listener, listening to the composition and or browsing through the booklet.

While the pavilion provides texts by famous people made un-understandable for all non-albanian speakers performed by “the last” (like a disappearing species), we provided a re-reading of popular culture through and with its makers and performers, feeding it backing  to the very people it comes from, thus having to confront both our resistances. I won’t be able to deploy the whole process here. You can listen to the audio composition here.





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