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Fahr hin, fahr hin, mein Meidlein fein by dailylabel
21/06/2016, 13:40
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Carson Chan’s comment of the venice architecture biennial dwells lengthily on the albanian pavilion. Seatings, songs and texts in specific language to remind of the long and never finished path migrants engage in. The pictures on design boom look great – and immediately remind me of the work done with Gilles Aubry in the Kunsthaus Langenthal in 2010, Das Dorf ist Teil der Stadt – The Village is Part of the City.


view of the albanian pavilion at venice biennale


view of the installation in the Kunsthaus Langenthal

It’s not about who did it first but rather to see parallel lines. We were invited to work on the notion of village. Rather than collection datas of the rural exodus and the desire of nature of city dwellers, we went through swiss folk song archive, looking for the motive. Leaving & coming back, the prospect of the new and the sadness of the left formed the main thematics. We edited a booklet of these songs, accompanied by pictures of cloudy skies and bits of roofs, and picked one to work out with a local choir. We recomposed it in order to make the text appear more clearer and estrange it also from its folkloric context. The viewer could dwell in the space as a singer or listener, listening to the composition and or browsing through the booklet.

While the pavilion provides texts by famous people made un-understandable for all non-albanian speakers performed by “the last” (like a disappearing species), we provided a re-reading of popular culture through and with its makers and performers, feeding it backing  to the very people it comes from, thus having to confront both our resistances. I won’t be able to deploy the whole process here. You can listen to the audio composition here.





diagnosis on the future by dailylabel
05/01/2014, 19:42
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I hated it when a simple live stream from a university documenting for noone the fall of a pitch drop got transformed into a disneyland gathering watchers: so no link for that and feeling much sorry for the loyal and last year deceased custodian of the experiment, Prof. J. Mainstone. Now reports of burning archives from Canada and Libanon.

Well. It goes faster and nowhere a halt to think about it. Liked for that Ray Brassier diagnosis opening the accelerationist symposium in Berlin, december 2013. Wants to make love abstraction again. Next Year.

nobody’s home by dailylabel

“je n’y ai passé que 2 semaines, mais oui, une ville formidable. En fait, plus une ville. Une étendue qu’il faut explorer avec beaucoup de temps. Le centre historique est évidemment une perle de concentration de couches historiques et les artefacts culturels sont époustouflants. Un basculement météo et tu passes d’une cousine du Caire à la soeur de St-Petersbourg.
Et puis les Istanboulites, dont certains disent qu’istanboul is home of nobody, sont agréables et accueillants. Ils ont une expérience de l’entre-deux pleinement incorporée. J’y retournerais avec grand plaisir.”

for a post for there as I am back here. I have to activate my own Mage, like the one i’ve seen at Beaubourg, dreaming again about a general public. It’s all about love: That’s what I said on the stage with Imad Wasif in Vienna, celebrating our 20th issue Trixie.

i have a dream by dailylabel
09/06/2010, 16:25
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i’m with friends on a stage, right before the beggining. It’s thrilling, we are still deciding on what to eat as we have a birthday to celebrate. We decide to eat mussels, moussaka and papardelle with salmon. Then we got in the sides. We decide to be a different band for each song. One of us got on stage, to introduce us, and apologises for the mess on stage – it’s because we can’t stop working. Our last band is called the auteurs.

It was a dream. and I remember now how powerful a dream is, and what it means to have a dream. To be something, to do something. It’s a genuine sensation. It’s impossible to stop and flows through my whole body.

I called my friends from the magazine we are doing, a zeitschrift based in Vienna. We’ll do it, like we change font for each issue, like we do grusicals. it’s gonna be great. be there or be square

Notes on Stephen Graham, Cities Under Siege by dailylabel
26/02/2010, 17:52
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These are the notes I took from a conference by Stephen Graham at the,  In/Visibility, Access and Urban Zoning Paris, May 30 – 31, 2009, which happened one year ago some streets away from my actual floating residency in Paris, before i’ll settle in the studio by the Cité des Arts in Montmartres.

Questions of mapping and their subjective possibilities interested me earlier (Bustour in Wien, Les Roncières, Europe Squares (Berlin-Calais), and the latest “Matters” series). Graham opens another dimension of mapping, critically working on the effect of the new information technologies and city control.

map by jeremy nemeth on manhattan

map by jeremy nemeth on manhattan

Here the raw notes:

  • military origin of digital techs
  • Ryan Bishop on the connection of global city network & revolution military affairs
  • Brian Holmes names it the “imperial infrastructure”
  • colonialism & surveillance (foucault_boomerang effect of experiance at borders being brought back into the metropolitan. For ex. the panopticon)
  • from the frontiers to the troublesome metropole
  • what is the asymetric relation? -> see S. Sassen’s conference
  • Battlespace: no defined battle front and permanent
  • new acronyms: military operations other than war = MOOTW
  • Alan Felman: moving to a division of safe and unsafe between circulation. new type of sovereignty emerges against “malign” mobility.
  • Richard Florida’s creative industry of US northwest now related by surveillanc tech. ind. as latest manifestation of the industrial-military-entertainment-complex
  • what does it mean for cities: merging of architecture of control with information sys of control. Passage-point urbanity
  • He finishes his talk by saying that despite the depressive content of his report, he notes that there are many self organized groups working on the issue and civil liberties.

joy and strawberries for the new year by dailylabel
06/01/2009, 20:00
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just another cake from our global experience:

rhum, chocolate & raisins cake

preparation: 20min
baking: 35min

for 6pers (like the one i made)

250g flour
125g butter
125g sugar
3 eggs
1 small bag of baking powder
1 small bag of vanilla sugar
125g of raisins
125g g of dark chocolate chips

now the recipe
– start by putting the raisins to bath in the rhum in a separate bowl, they should be covered
– Beat eggs and sugar in the main bowl, add a pinch of salt
– Drain the raisins, and pour the rhum into the eggs and add the flour and the yeast to them.
– Melt the butter and pour it on the raisins, mix well.
– Add to the main bowl:
the vanilla sugar to the dough
the buttered raisins grapes
the chocolate chips
– Pour into a buttered loaf pan
– Cook 35min in the preheated oven thermostat 5/6 (cover with aluminium foil the cake if the caks got golden too fast)

And for the accompanying music, i recommend the following Djay (intel based software).