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Fahr hin, fahr hin, mein Meidlein fein by dailylabel
21/06/2016, 13:40
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Carson Chan’s comment of the venice architecture biennial dwells lengthily on the albanian pavilion. Seatings, songs and texts in specific language to remind of the long and never finished path migrants engage in. The pictures on design boom look great – and immediately remind me of the work done with Gilles Aubry in the Kunsthaus Langenthal in 2010, Das Dorf ist Teil der Stadt – The Village is Part of the City.


view of the albanian pavilion at venice biennale


view of the installation in the Kunsthaus Langenthal

It’s not about who did it first but rather to see parallel lines. We were invited to work on the notion of village. Rather than collection datas of the rural exodus and the desire of nature of city dwellers, we went through swiss folk song archive, looking for the motive. Leaving & coming back, the prospect of the new and the sadness of the left formed the main thematics. We edited a booklet of these songs, accompanied by pictures of cloudy skies and bits of roofs, and picked one to work out with a local choir. We recomposed it in order to make the text appear more clearer and estrange it also from its folkloric context. The viewer could dwell in the space as a singer or listener, listening to the composition and or browsing through the booklet.

While the pavilion provides texts by famous people made un-understandable for all non-albanian speakers performed by “the last” (like a disappearing species), we provided a re-reading of popular culture through and with its makers and performers, feeding it backing  to the very people it comes from, thus having to confront both our resistances. I won’t be able to deploy the whole process here. You can listen to the audio composition here.





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16/10/2012, 10:38
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Why do things differently when they are the same: like the good old chili con carne. It’s the same but not. It’s it and not a fake and yet not the what it was. Like every Europe square. It’s all the same, but not the same. Like Auto, Libertine and Déja Vu.

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18/09/2012, 12:55
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How to get on with this? I start with a basic statement by Gene Ray talking in Greece about how modernity is questioned by the coming biospheric meltdown (and nearly continued on josh fox’s Gasland. but didn’t have time for the whole now) I step back and try to get some definitions: Are we now in the anthropocene?

This gives a kind of horizon. Well it seems to at least. But then there is the twist. The thing that comes back in very unsettling way. There is no safe point of view. It’s bound to be collective at some point. I got interested in traumas, especially of war. Since Benjamin talking about the non-experience of war. I just watched this now (in german or french, but you can hear the o-voices in english in the background): Suicidistan – The war coming home. Bringing peace and meaning in an army …

The question of the trauma, the way our minds and bodies integrate the damage appears to be a central loci to explicit and adress as far as art is concerned with experience. How do we relate to these traumas and give them way out as much as ourselves. It’s a global concern in the most material and tangible way.

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18/04/2012, 11:13
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On April 26th, 8pm, Mettler and Negarestani will have a public conversation via video-conference at the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne. The conversation will focus on how our most intimate corporeal and psychological constitutions have vertiginous proximities with the Earth’s cosmological history, and how we are bound through backdoor narratives and subtle complicities to the most liveless materials.

As the exhibition of the reconstruction of an exploratory oil rig in 1929 in Switzerland is heading toward its end, the installation is now covered with printed sheets, each representing a diverging narrative of the rig accumulated over time. Every two weeks a new session was published, a transcript of an analysis of Patient O by The Rig, further immersing the legacy of the rig and the modern landscape of the Pays de Vaud into more convoluted depths. The analysis ended with session VII, published on April 19th.

a gutter psychological thriller – Teaser

The fictitious dialogue is a collaboration between philosopher Reza Negarestani and artist Yves Mettler, whose architectonic sound installations focus on our built environment, bringing into light ruins, memories and fragmented narratives left on the roadside of our heterogeneous cultural history.

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12/03/2012, 16:16
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… do it again!

cake aux raisins secs, rhum et chocolat and get a Déja Vu

Cu in London on Saturday at Publish and Be Damned

(did Brecht say that?)

from ‘Viaggio in Italia’ to ‘Drive’ by dailylabel
12/03/2012, 16:02
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saying “I love You”?

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31/10/2011, 12:49
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On Nerdcore i got this add-on Tilt which sent me back to an old desire of an immersive Web,

and applied it to my homepage. Look how the page appears as an object: – oooh i love this so much:

Who remembers Johnny Mnemonic surfing on the net? A quick search got me those 2 images, the second image bringing me back to the urban: the blog of Dr. Andrew Hudson-Smith is Director and Deputy Chair of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA). Another site to explore and position on my map of city related links.

By the way, I finished my master at EHESS, under the direction of Patricia Falguières, the mémoire analyses my past interventions on places called «Europe Square» in regard to participation and the relation of cities with Europe.

The mémoire problematizes the representation of cultural heterogeneity against notions like diversity or multiculturalism, showing that the national narration is still the core around which culture is organized. It is available here, but in french of course.

The mémoire also collected and analyzed the exhaustive list of «place de l’Europe» in France, creating a visual material or vocabulary of space arrangement yet to be activated in upcoming interventions working on situated cultural heterogeneity.


A propos objects: Johnny mnemonic has become a pinball game, while I thought the comics The Invisibles would be a great story for a videogame.