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new and same by dailylabel
16/10/2012, 10:38
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Why do things differently when they are the same: like the good old chili con carne. It’s the same but not. It’s it and not a fake and yet not the what it was. Like every Europe square. It’s all the same, but not the same. Like Auto, Libertine and Déja Vu.


i have a dream by dailylabel
09/06/2010, 16:25
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i’m with friends on a stage, right before the beggining. It’s thrilling, we are still deciding on what to eat as we have a birthday to celebrate. We decide to eat mussels, moussaka and papardelle with salmon. Then we got in the sides. We decide to be a different band for each song. One of us got on stage, to introduce us, and apologises for the mess on stage – it’s because we can’t stop working. Our last band is called the auteurs.

It was a dream. and I remember now how powerful a dream is, and what it means to have a dream. To be something, to do something. It’s a genuine sensation. It’s impossible to stop and flows through my whole body.

I called my friends from the magazine we are doing, a zeitschrift based in Vienna. We’ll do it, like we change font for each issue, like we do grusicals. it’s gonna be great. be there or be square

Ragout Alba la Provençale by dailylabel
06/03/2010, 14:22
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Ragout Alba la Provençale

This is not a discovery from some nice french restaurants in Paris but taken from The Molecular Invasion by CAE, in the appendix 1, “Betty Crocker 3000 Presents Food for a Hungry World”, a book I was happy to find in the most packed secondhand bookshop in Paris, Le Regard Moderne.

so, back to the recipe:

GFP rabbits are beeing raised in select labs that will not release them into the wild but might sell them to enterprising cooks for a special banquet (this menu introduces the public to Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP). It is derived from jellyfish genes, and has the characteristics of fluorescent green when exposed to UV or blue light. It is frequently used as marker to detect genetically transformed cells in crops. GFP has no knownallergenic or toxic properties in humans, and should appear more and more in our diet. Hit up your scientist friends or molecular biology students for some of the ingredients that are not yet available in your supermarkets.

1 GFP stewing rabbit cut into chunks (~3 pounds). Marinate the rabbit in a mixture of wine, vinegar, olive oil, mashed garlic, a bay leaf, and a pinch of thyme for 4 hours.
2 cups canned chicken broth
2 cups each choppe onions, carrots, celry and red ripe tomatoes
1/2 cupe chopped GFP parsley

In an oven-proof casserole layer the chopped vegetables with a piece of marinated rabbit. Pour broth over the top. Cover tightly and bake in a medium hot oven for 3-4 hours. Arrange on a platter surrounded by green mahed potatoes. Sprinkle generously with GFP chopped parsley for maximum fluorescence.

Suggestion: Serve the dinner under UV lights to enjoy the full effect of its glow.

(Cost estimate: GFP rabbit and other ingredients free to participating biotech families)

joy and strawberries for the new year by dailylabel
06/01/2009, 20:00
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just another cake from our global experience:

rhum, chocolate & raisins cake

preparation: 20min
baking: 35min

for 6pers (like the one i made)

250g flour
125g butter
125g sugar
3 eggs
1 small bag of baking powder
1 small bag of vanilla sugar
125g of raisins
125g g of dark chocolate chips

now the recipe
– start by putting the raisins to bath in the rhum in a separate bowl, they should be covered
– Beat eggs and sugar in the main bowl, add a pinch of salt
– Drain the raisins, and pour the rhum into the eggs and add the flour and the yeast to them.
– Melt the butter and pour it on the raisins, mix well.
– Add to the main bowl:
the vanilla sugar to the dough
the buttered raisins grapes
the chocolate chips
– Pour into a buttered loaf pan
– Cook 35min in the preheated oven thermostat 5/6 (cover with aluminium foil the cake if the caks got golden too fast)

And for the accompanying music, i recommend the following Djay (intel based software).