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To flow like air in the streets is not natural by dailylabel
21/06/2016, 10:56
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Air time is “is an audio work and collective action that was performed synchronously in public space in 10 cities across Europe as the opening of TRANSEUROPA festival 2013.”

See details below – but for now  i’m thinking first to the performance I set up in 2013 in Lausanne, allowing to audio travel to Bobigny or Berlin from Lausanne: PortailEuropTransLocal, based on the sci-fi genre of teletransportation.

So we enjoy the (public) space we have in cities. And we definitely should celebrate it, every time we’re out on the street, walking with confidence among all these other people, frictioning with thousands of habits and ways of being, deciding at each street corner what is the best, shortest, most exciting, preferable path to wherever. The question though I want to quickly raise is how to qualify the kind of freedom cities offer (or not) to their inhabitants. Freedom of movement, at least in Europe, is taken for granted. Yet it is not so long ago, there were doors (barricades, customs, racketing, etc… long story I know) around and in the city. It sounds naive, but in the context of these kind of audio works, it would be relevant to think about the fact that they are possible at all, and how they test, extend, confirm, confront rulings that are not, or hardly, explicit. Moreover in the context of hardening fronts when it comes to demonstrations.

For the finish, this very good historical up working of “Bewegungschöre” and their possible function in the city by Ligna:

Still from Tanz Alle, LignaScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.34.49

“This performance happened on 6th of June 2013 in Düsseldorf. Questioning the relation of dance and politics, LIGNA invites radio listeners to remember bodily the nearly forgotten heritage of the movement choirs that were part of the workers movement in the Weimar Republic.”


details for Air Time

5th October 2013 at

1:30 PM

2:30 PM
DAM SQUARE, Amsterdam

3:30 PM

AIR TIME is the result of the collaboration between 12 artists under
the direction of the artist collective LIGNA (Ole Frahm and Torsten
Michaelsen): Anna Hoetjes, Jordi Ferreiro, Joanna Von Mayer Trindade, Flaviu Rogojan, Kerri Meehan and Alex Ressel, Alexandre Poisson and Alice Lahana, Roman Štetina, Elisa Abela, Nataliya Todorova, Wojciech Tymicki

The project received funding from the Culture program of the European Commission and Allianz Kulturstiftung


cubicles by dailylabel
12/03/2012, 15:54
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mine crafted city

urbandigital by dailylabel
31/10/2011, 12:49
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On Nerdcore i got this add-on Tilt which sent me back to an old desire of an immersive Web,

and applied it to my homepage. Look how the page appears as an object: – oooh i love this so much:

Who remembers Johnny Mnemonic surfing on the net? A quick search got me those 2 images, the second image bringing me back to the urban: the blog of Dr. Andrew Hudson-Smith is Director and Deputy Chair of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA). Another site to explore and position on my map of city related links.

By the way, I finished my master at EHESS, under the direction of Patricia Falguières, the mémoire analyses my past interventions on places called «Europe Square» in regard to participation and the relation of cities with Europe.

The mémoire problematizes the representation of cultural heterogeneity against notions like diversity or multiculturalism, showing that the national narration is still the core around which culture is organized. It is available here, but in french of course.

The mémoire also collected and analyzed the exhaustive list of «place de l’Europe» in France, creating a visual material or vocabulary of space arrangement yet to be activated in upcoming interventions working on situated cultural heterogeneity.


A propos objects: Johnny mnemonic has become a pinball game, while I thought the comics The Invisibles would be a great story for a videogame.

nobody’s home by dailylabel

“je n’y ai passé que 2 semaines, mais oui, une ville formidable. En fait, plus une ville. Une étendue qu’il faut explorer avec beaucoup de temps. Le centre historique est évidemment une perle de concentration de couches historiques et les artefacts culturels sont époustouflants. Un basculement météo et tu passes d’une cousine du Caire à la soeur de St-Petersbourg.
Et puis les Istanboulites, dont certains disent qu’istanboul is home of nobody, sont agréables et accueillants. Ils ont une expérience de l’entre-deux pleinement incorporée. J’y retournerais avec grand plaisir.”

for a post for there as I am back here. I have to activate my own Mage, like the one i’ve seen at Beaubourg, dreaming again about a general public. It’s all about love: That’s what I said on the stage with Imad Wasif in Vienna, celebrating our 20th issue Trixie.

Oh no, I forgot to take a picture of that european blue sky by dailylabel
21/04/2010, 12:54
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well next time 🙂

in the mean time, there is the new place to feel like a cow watching train passing, or a cyclist on a highway bridge watching the traffic flow. But this time from home: Wach Air Traffic Live.

As I occupy my residency in Paris with my family, I have to leave home and work outside, like in my first year in Vienna! And I rediscover one of the gems of democracy, public city libraries. “Mine” is behind the Mairie du 18ème, Clignancourt. Exploring the arrondissement, I hope to find the garden of ECObox, created by AAA some years ago, which i referenced already – without knowing their extended european network.

Working While Walking, an interesting alternative to the www, and nicely put together by Robert Walser in Der Spaziergang, which I finally read while researching for my show to come in Langenthal, exploring the question of villages in a country totally colonized by urban culture (a term debated here in Paris, but i’m not sure sociology is the best approach to this). What’s up with all those small cities that basically gather more people than the big but few megalopoles around the globe (introduction of la violence des villes, Yves Pedrazzini), where fashion finds its most generic translation.

Notes on Stephen Graham, Cities Under Siege by dailylabel
26/02/2010, 17:52
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These are the notes I took from a conference by Stephen Graham at the,  In/Visibility, Access and Urban Zoning Paris, May 30 – 31, 2009, which happened one year ago some streets away from my actual floating residency in Paris, before i’ll settle in the studio by the Cité des Arts in Montmartres.

Questions of mapping and their subjective possibilities interested me earlier (Bustour in Wien, Les Roncières, Europe Squares (Berlin-Calais), and the latest “Matters” series). Graham opens another dimension of mapping, critically working on the effect of the new information technologies and city control.

map by jeremy nemeth on manhattan

map by jeremy nemeth on manhattan

Here the raw notes:

  • military origin of digital techs
  • Ryan Bishop on the connection of global city network & revolution military affairs
  • Brian Holmes names it the “imperial infrastructure”
  • colonialism & surveillance (foucault_boomerang effect of experiance at borders being brought back into the metropolitan. For ex. the panopticon)
  • from the frontiers to the troublesome metropole
  • what is the asymetric relation? -> see S. Sassen’s conference
  • Battlespace: no defined battle front and permanent
  • new acronyms: military operations other than war = MOOTW
  • Alan Felman: moving to a division of safe and unsafe between circulation. new type of sovereignty emerges against “malign” mobility.
  • Richard Florida’s creative industry of US northwest now related by surveillanc tech. ind. as latest manifestation of the industrial-military-entertainment-complex
  • what does it mean for cities: merging of architecture of control with information sys of control. Passage-point urbanity
  • He finishes his talk by saying that despite the depressive content of his report, he notes that there are many self organized groups working on the issue and civil liberties.

sounding cities ? by dailylabel
25/02/2010, 08:07
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RSR – urbanités – Laboratoires des sonorités urbaines – proposer un son

BNA-BBOT – Bruxelles nous appartient –