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diagnosis on the future by dailylabel
05/01/2014, 19:42
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I hated it when a simple live stream from a university documenting for noone the fall of a pitch drop got transformed into a disneyland gathering watchers: so no link for that and feeling much sorry for the loyal and last year deceased custodian of the experiment, Prof. J. Mainstone. Now reports of burning archives from Canada and Libanon.

Well. It goes faster and nowhere a halt to think about it. Liked for that Ray Brassier diagnosis opening the accelerationist symposium in Berlin, december 2013. Wants to make love abstraction again. Next Year.


what a day by dailylabel
18/09/2012, 12:55
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How to get on with this? I start with a basic statement by Gene Ray talking in Greece about how modernity is questioned by the coming biospheric meltdown (and nearly continued on josh fox’s Gasland. but didn’t have time for the whole now) I step back and try to get some definitions: Are we now in the anthropocene?

This gives a kind of horizon. Well it seems to at least. But then there is the twist. The thing that comes back in very unsettling way. There is no safe point of view. It’s bound to be collective at some point. I got interested in traumas, especially of war. Since Benjamin talking about the non-experience of war. I just watched this now (in german or french, but you can hear the o-voices in english in the background): Suicidistan – The war coming home. Bringing peace and meaning in an army …

The question of the trauma, the way our minds and bodies integrate the damage appears to be a central loci to explicit and adress as far as art is concerned with experience. How do we relate to these traumas and give them way out as much as ourselves. It’s a global concern in the most material and tangible way.

full shelves by dailylabel
22/02/2012, 16:00
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While working on links between Langenthal’s industry and the world in which it sells its know-how, I couldn’t hold a smile coming up on the website solarindustries:

ground is also reading Reza Negarestani’s writing about earth-sun complex and the subject-as-focus or The-Modern-Man-and his traumas. Deepening, Widening them. Anything local is global. While the industry continues modelizing our world through any way of doing something:

It is all suspended on the waiting a catastrophe

although it has been told since long time

This huge familiarity with clips of all kind is in many ways all attempts of grounding something, of self-extracting, isolating and re-telling as an out-of-synchronized puppet something from a present without time.

The show curated by Thibault De Ruyter for the Club Transmediale on the Theme Spectral, “Ghosts off the Shelf”, gave me a something like a sensation of time, my time. And a part of it was nested in a technology. VHS. Unlike Gondry’s reassuring movie ‘Be kind, Rewind, the show touched with great caution an area of experimentation, how a technology and story-telling essays combine endlessly to join and make the local, I mean earthly, “Dark Matter” more and more consistent. A storm which reminded me the “Hans Schaudi Electromagnetic Experience” from 2002.

What is language? by dailylabel
13/01/2009, 21:29
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– Mom, what is language?
– Language is the home where mankind lives my dear.”

jl godard, “2 ou 3 choses que je sais d’elle”

i’ll post soon a link of an excerpt i love love love.

But my point here is another one. It is about how this home is shared. Or language. I mean, i need the other to build my language, especially it the “big” other leaves me with an insufficient language about what is happening around me and get rid of an essentialist idea of the individual.

It is like house building: how to change the way of building without imposing another system. How to start an own economy, without wanting to destroy the other before. Tryouts in France seem not really to be accepted by the one i consider for now as obsolete, not over yet. But that’s another story.

My point is to set following hypothesis: It is impossible to find a/its language without the other.

I, you, him & her by dailylabel
06/01/2009, 19:54
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I was in Paf for the yearly shift. Good time, we watched good movies. Also Je, tu, il, elle by akermann. Please do so. It starts like an art video and end like a love story. And all by ellipses, strange disconnections between the image and the what is told.

Elliptic is also my new year feeling. For the first time i think of it as a repetition rather than a renewal. Perhaps because also we watched La Chinoise of the peak of greek protests, having in parallel the crisis emerging in China, but also perhaps being no more so young & reckless as some might think, and salute with a letter to my friends.