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02/08/2012, 20:55
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Mmh, I think i was not there, this is not me. It’s a fake me.

but I was there and there (yes at the same time)

What is fake when you can’t locate the authentic (by the way, how is the difference between authentic and original).
Is kitsch Fake?


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04/07/2012, 19:18
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thanks to LBV I could just see what is going to be lost in less than 2 hours.


While in Geneva they finally found it. Or think they’ve found it. It’s not sure yet.

It’s live here:

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18/04/2012, 11:13
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On April 26th, 8pm, Mettler and Negarestani will have a public conversation via video-conference at the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne. The conversation will focus on how our most intimate corporeal and psychological constitutions have vertiginous proximities with the Earth’s cosmological history, and how we are bound through backdoor narratives and subtle complicities to the most liveless materials.

As the exhibition of the reconstruction of an exploratory oil rig in 1929 in Switzerland is heading toward its end, the installation is now covered with printed sheets, each representing a diverging narrative of the rig accumulated over time. Every two weeks a new session was published, a transcript of an analysis of Patient O by The Rig, further immersing the legacy of the rig and the modern landscape of the Pays de Vaud into more convoluted depths. The analysis ended with session VII, published on April 19th.

a gutter psychological thriller – Teaser

The fictitious dialogue is a collaboration between philosopher Reza Negarestani and artist Yves Mettler, whose architectonic sound installations focus on our built environment, bringing into light ruins, memories and fragmented narratives left on the roadside of our heterogeneous cultural history.

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12/03/2012, 16:16
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… do it again!

cake aux raisins secs, rhum et chocolat and get a Déja Vu

Cu in London on Saturday at Publish and Be Damned

(did Brecht say that?)

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12/03/2012, 16:02
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saying “I love You”?

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12/03/2012, 15:54
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mine crafted city

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22/02/2012, 16:00
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While working on links between Langenthal’s industry and the world in which it sells its know-how, I couldn’t hold a smile coming up on the website solarindustries:

ground is also reading Reza Negarestani’s writing about earth-sun complex and the subject-as-focus or The-Modern-Man-and his traumas. Deepening, Widening them. Anything local is global. While the industry continues modelizing our world through any way of doing something:

It is all suspended on the waiting a catastrophe

although it has been told since long time

This huge familiarity with clips of all kind is in many ways all attempts of grounding something, of self-extracting, isolating and re-telling as an out-of-synchronized puppet something from a present without time.

The show curated by Thibault De Ruyter for the Club Transmediale on the Theme Spectral, “Ghosts off the Shelf”, gave me a something like a sensation of time, my time. And a part of it was nested in a technology. VHS. Unlike Gondry’s reassuring movie ‘Be kind, Rewind, the show touched with great caution an area of experimentation, how a technology and story-telling essays combine endlessly to join and make the local, I mean earthly, “Dark Matter” more and more consistent. A storm which reminded me the “Hans Schaudi Electromagnetic Experience” from 2002.